taxi price in kish

Taxi charge control in Kish

Kish Island is fundamentally the same as fantasies. Innovation and convention can be seen together on this island. From normal attractions and delightful sea shores of Kish to brilliant business sectors and convenience in lavish inns, and so on, all have made numerous guests visit the island consistently. Because of the way that most sightseers travel to Kish without vehicles, the arrangement of vehicles in Kish has made concerns. There are two sorts of rental and public vehicles in Kish. Notwithstanding vehicle rental organizations, it is likewise conceivable to lease a taxi in Kish.

In the event that you are going to Kish unexpectedly, you can without much of a stretch travel a lot by taxi. Taxi fare in Kish  is acceptable There are two sorts of yellow and white taxicabs on the island. The shading detachment of cabs is to decide the kind of administration, travel courses and charge.

Yellow taxi admission in Kish

The yellow taxicabs are the very island paths that offer types of assistance on the fundamental courses. You can see these yellow straight taxicabs everywhere on the island. Fundamentally, leasing a taxi in Kish isn’t as troublesome as getting a taxi in a major city. In Tehran, for instance, you need to invest a great deal of energy finding a taxi, yet in Kish there is no traffic or swarmed roads. Direct taxicabs additionally accept explicit courses not surprisingly.

White taxi passage in Kish

However, these white taxicabs go about as phone and organization taxis on the island. These vehicles are at the removal of travelers with the driver and straightforwardly. You can concur on the sum and distance with the organization taxis. There are no limitations on the development of these shut taxicabs on the island and they cover all regions.

Taxi toll in Kish

Taxi tolls on the island have changed since the second 50% of 1998. Preceding October, taxi passages were determined provincially, however the new guidelines show that charges are kilometer-long. As of now, all cabs that movement on the island are outfitted with odometers and think about charges in kilometers.

Introducing a taximeter in taxicabs and figuring the toll as indicated by it is one of the fruitful proportions of the island’s taxi framework. This undertaking is in effect effectively executed in the wake of passing the pilot stages. Thusly, the island’s cabs utilize a taximeter when boarding a traveler. For longer distances, it is equivalent to paying more.






Kish Coast Taxi Agency: 4467202 – 4467201 (0764) – 09347697282 – 093476822281


Dalahu Kish Taxi Agency: 4451566–4451577 (0764) – 09188314254 – 09188314254


Rakhsh Kish Taxi Agency: 4421155 – 4421152 (0764) – 09347694700 – 09174159811


Kish Crescent Taxi Agency: 4451947 – 4451964 (0764) – 09347681332


Standards Kish Taxi Agency: 4451913 – 4451914 (0764) – 09347693801 – 09347698707


Tusan Kish Taxi Agency: 4423024 (0764) – 09121392168 – 09352869379


Kish Autumn Taxi Agency: 4451720 – 4451700 (0764) – 09361936090


Taxi passages in Kish are distinctive for day and night, and all direct taxicabs get tickets. Day and night passage rates are likewise marginally extraordinary. Obviously, taxi charges from the air terminal to different pieces of the island are a fixed sum. In every one of these cases, yellow taxicabs are more moderate than white cabs. Obviously, yellow taxicabs follow a specific course, however white cabs are accessible to travelers.


Taxi charge stations in Kish


There are assigned stations for straight cabs. These stations are situated sought after territories. The primary taxi lines on the island are situated in the accompanying five zones:



Marjan Beach Station to Sahel Square


Sahel Square Station to Amirkabir Square


Sahel Square Station to Morvarid Bazaar


Persian Gulf Square Station to Saadi Square


Saadi Square station to all pieces of Mir Mahna


There are likewise stations in a similar territory for the return. Notwithstanding taxis, minibusses and trucks can likewise be utilized to go around the island. Vacationers heading out to the island need exceptional trucks to convey huge things bought. These vehicles are liable for serving travelers on the primary courses and bases of business sectors, entries and retail chains.


Taxi admission in Kish or vehicle rental?


It could be simpler to utilize public vehicle, for example, yellow and white taxicabs, to go out to shop or work excursions on the island. Be that as it may, in the event that you are a visitor of the island for a couple of days with your family, you can lease driverless vehicles from rental offices. These vehicles are accessible to you on a 24-hour premise and as indicated by the agreement, and there are no limitations for traffic in the island regions.


A wide range of vehicles are dynamic in Kish to offer types of assistance to inhabitants and voyagers. These vehicles are not permitted to convey travelers past limit. It is additionally compulsory for travelers before taxicabs to wear safety belts. In these cases, the principles will be carefully upheld.


Prior to venturing out to Kish, research the sort of vehicle you need. It is even conceivable to lease a vehicle from vehicle rental organizations on the web.